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Tailor Made Custom Homes

Providing the highest quality with a reduced built time and a price per square foot that cannot be matched.

Tailor Made Custom Homes was established in 2008 by Colorado natives Casey and Cale Lafferty. Both are graduates of Colorado State University and have been building in the Durango area for 10 years. Casey and Cale's approach to building is unlike any other builders in the Durango area. While other local builders sit back and supervise the construction of your home, Casey and Cale are personally involved in each step of the building process. No other builder in Durango can offer the same level of commitment to you and your home.

This unique approach has enabled Tailor Made Custom Homes to become a well established and flourishing corporation in the grip of an economic recession. Simply working hard allows Tailor Made the ability to provide a higher quality, a reduced build time and a price per square foot that cannot be matched.

A Few Testimonials ...

I purchased a Tailor Made home a little over a year ago and have loved it ever since! The Lafferty's know how to build a quality home at an affordable price and are there to back their promises every step of the way!
~ Beverly L.

We appreciate the skills and professionalism employed by you and your crew in constructing such a beautiful homes. It has been a true pleasure to work with both of you!
~Tom & Denise D.

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Casey Lafferty (970) 903-4343
Cale Lafferty (970) 903-8026